Pippa Bailey

Keep It Creepy

Horror is a Ghoul’s best friend

By Pippa Bailey

The Ghoul Guides were born from an obscure incident, and a love of horror. After a strange accident left me unable to walk for around four months, an extensive horror binge lead to the formation of our review company.

Although, I have my fingers in many pies, as an author, the voice of an audio book currently in production, and as a classically trained composer and vocalist. I wanted to give back to a horror community that has served as my inspiration and entertainment for over two decades. Unlike many standard reviewers, we decided to use video as our format. Our video catalogue can be found on YouTube under “Ghoul Guides”. If you haven’t come across us before, you can look forward to hours of book, comic, game, and peculiar creation reviews.

Through the Ghoul Guides, I have been lucky enough to meet many fantastic creators worldwide. It’s given me some fantastic opportunities over the last two years. I can’t thank people enough. It’s a privilege to be part of the horror community.

As a ghoul of a girl in my own right, I love to write. With short horror stories published across a variety of anthologies, the most recent being “Sparks” from Burdizzo Books (Released October 17th). Featuring my story “In for a Shock” about a young woman who wastes electricity, to her own detriment. I’m currently building towards the release of my Debut novel “Lux” next summer. I spend a lot of my spare time studying the art of writing. I thoroughly believe in the concept of quality not quantity.

So, if you’re looking for a bubbly English woman to give you an insight into some of the latest horror releases, indie creations, or you’re just looking to pick up one of my own stories. Give me a shout on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.




http://amzn.eu/iOhOvMq – UK – Sparks book

http://a.co/iGApELk – USA – Sparks boo

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