Raven House: Catching Up With Pippa Bailey

Q; You have multi-media releases out now in late 2017 and new work coming in 2018. Tell us what’s new?

It has been a whirlwind of a year. Let’s see, by the end of 2017 I will be appearing on two podcasts. One with a fabulously talented fellow author reading my story “Oh Christmas Tree”, the other an interview about being a writer without the support of your family. I have been working on an audio book, but I still can’t tell you any more about that. I’m awaiting the nod from the publishing company for the final quality check and a release date.

In October I was lucky enough to have a little cameo in a horror film called “Clown Face” which will be out in 2018. I had a fantastic time working with the cast and crew, and dancing practically non-stop for 6 hours.

In 2018 I have a fun project coming up with 11 other fantastic women of horror. We will be releasing a calendar for 2019. I’ll leave it at that to whet your appetite, I’ll let you know more after February 2018.

I am lined up for quite a few anthologies and collections in 2018, some announced, others still a secret. Keep your eyes peeled for more from me.

Q: You’re on the downhill stretch of your novel. Does it still look like a 2018 release?

I am on the downhill stretch, with a lot of editing and compiling to do it’s going to be a hard slog in 2018, but I am still aiming to have it out for June. I’m still trying to work out exactly where it sits. There are aspects of fantasy and sci-fi amid the horror. I am really looking forward to getting my story out there.

Q: What does 2018 hold in store for the Ghoul Guide.

I am hoping to throw some more energy into the Ghoul Guides again, as I have had to take a short break to focus on writing and other projects. I am hoping to find more time for reading between project work, I have a back log of books I’d love to break into. So many fabulous authors I haven’t been able to do justice yet.

So, keep it creepy, and sharing is scaring.


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