Luck Happens by Dean Wyant

Luck happens, but you might have to help it a little.

Any collector hates to miss an opportunity for acquiring a new book or books. Of course, luck is a big part of the game. It’s important to be available for the luck to find its way to you. 
 I had a prime example of this recently. I was invited to help out at the Hex Publishers table for Free Comic Book Day at one of my favorite comic book stores in the Denver area. It wasn’t necessary for me to be there but I wanted to join in and have some fun.

The store is aptly named, I Want More Comics and is located in Thornton, a suburb of Denver.

I look at such events as a means to meet fellow fans of books, comics and art as well as being able to connect with the creators who are there to promote their talent and work. 
 At one point I took a few minutes away from the table and dodged the huge crowd of shoppers to peruse the inventory of comics, books and collectibles on display around the store. It didn’t take long for me to zero in on a high shelf where a very cool slipcase containing four hardcover volumes of Weird Fantasy sat. I have seen this 1980 edition set in the past at other locations but never in as nice condition as this one and the price was definitely right. 
 I grabbed that sucker from the top shelf and carried it back to our table as quickly as possible. I researched it quickly on my phone and found that the price was even more reasonable than I had originally thought.


I took my new find to the register to pay and learned that they were giving a big discount from the sticker price. 
 Score again!
 My set has been placed at its new location on my book shelf where it will be admired, shown off to visitors and occasionally opened and read for many years to come. 
 If you’re interested in collecting, I recommend you attend events, sales, thrift stores and independent book stores. It’s much more fun than shopping from a laptop or phone and you never know what lucky treasures may find you.

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