Gary Robbe

Originally from Ohio, Gary Robbe is an active member of the professional horror and noir crime community in Denver. Gary’s work in short fiction has appeared in a spectrum of collections and magazines. Anthologist Ellen Datlow wrote, the best story is a western horror tale by Gary Robbe, commenting on his tale in Shrieks And Shivers.

Gary’s favorite nightmare, The Nantahala Kidnapping, appeared in Dark Corners Magazine, Volume One, Issue One, the now-legendary first issue of the magazine.

Active in film as well as literature, Gary’s short screenplay, The Timesheen was produced and made into a twenty-minute film.

An educator with multiple degrees, Gary taught creative writing to autistic children. He continues to be an advocate and consultant in autism.

Currently, Gary is enjoying a prolific period, producing short fiction, working as associate editor at Bewildering Stories, and applying finishing touches to the working novel One Hundred Falls expected in 2018.


Gary’s greatest secret?  He’s never encountered a western film he didn’t like.

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