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Jeanne Stein’s first novel, The Becoming, was a Barnes &

Jeanne C. Stein is the national bestselling author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles and most recently, The Fallen Siren Series written as S. J. Harper. She is active in the writing community, belonging to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers where she was honored as Writer of the Year in 2008 and nominated again in 2011. She has taught at RMFW’s CoGold and other conferences and e-academies.  She is also active in the local HWA chapter as well as the national organization where she’s served as a Stoker judge for the past five years.

Her character, Anna Strong, received a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist in 2008 and was nominated again in 2011 and in 2014. Anna Strong was named one of Paranormal Fantasy’s Top Ten Ass-Kicking Heroines by Barnes and Nobles’s reviewer, Paul Goat Allen in 2013. She has appeared twice on the New York Times and USA Bestseller lists.

There are nine books in the Anna Strong series and two books and two novellas in a new series written with Samantha Sommersby under the S. J. Harper pseudonym. She also has more that a dozen short story credits, including the novella, Blood Debt, from the New York Times bestselling anthology, Hexed (2011) and The NYT bestselling anthology, Dead But Not Forgotten edited by Charlaine Harris (2014.)  Her short stories have been published in collections here in the US and the UK. Her latest, an Anna Strong novella entitled Anna & the Vampire Prince, was recently published by Hex Publishers.

Her books are available in German and Scandinavian as well as on Audible. Her newest short stories will be available in the Hex anthology, Blood Business, on October 2017 and the soon to be published Blood and Gasoline, also by Hex. 


The Becoming –Novel—2006

Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: The Witch and the Wicked – 2007

First Published: Many Bloody Returns  **NYT Bestseller

Editors: Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner

Blood Drive—Novel—2007

Ace Books  Penguin

The Watcher –Novel—2007

Ace Books  Penguin

Legacy –Novel—2008

Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: Better Lucky Than Good — 2008

First Published: At the Scene of the Crime

Editor: Dana Stabenow


Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: The Ghost of Leadville – 2009

First Published: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2

Editor: Trisha Telep

Chosen –Novel—2010

Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: Elizabeth and Anna’s Big Adventure  – 2010 –Stand Alone Story

First Published: A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters

Editors: Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes


Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: Blood Debt –2011—Belinda Burke Novella**  NYT Bestseller

First Published: Hexed   The Berkeley Publishing Group

Editor: Jessica Wade

Short Story: Superman – 2011 – Story Adapted from Crossroads

First Published: Chicks Kick Butt

Editors: Rachel Caine and Kerrie Hughes

Short Story: The Ghost of Leadville -2011

Reprint: Vampires the Recent Undead

Editor: Paula Guran


Ace Books  Penguin

Short Story: The Wolf’s Paw – 2012  — Anna Strong Halloween Stand Alone Story

First Published: GalaxyFest 2012 Omnibus

Editor: David C.Z. Wacks

Blood Bond – Novel—2013

Ace Books  Penguin

Cursed – Novel — 2013

ROC Books  Penguin

Cloud City—Novella—2013—Amazon Self-pub

Short Story: One Good Deed –2013

First Published: Hex in the City

Editor: Kerrie Hughes

Short Story:  Love Story – 2014 Dead But Not Forgotten-Tales from the Sookie Universe


Editors: Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner

Wonderland —Novella—2014—Amazon Self-pub

Captured —Novella—2014 — ARE Publisher

Reckoning — Novel — 2014

ROC  Penguin

Forsaken —Novella—2015 — ARE Publisher

Short Story:  The Wolf’s Paw —2015

Nightmare’s Unhinged  —Hex Publishers

Editor:  Josh Viola

Anna & The Vampire Prince – Novella—2017—Hex Publishers

Short Story:  Lunchtime —2017

Blood Business —Hex Publishers

Editor: Josh Viola & Mario Acevedo

Short Story:  Desert Run —2017

Blood & Gasoline – Hex Publishers

Editor: Mario Acevedo

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