Raven House Interview: Catherine Spader

Q: You’ll be covering Colorado conventions for HWAColorado. What event is next?

A: I’ll be donning my best fantasy costumes and mingling with authors, venders, and attendees at MileHiCon in Denver October 27-29. I will also be on several panels and representing the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) as membership chair.

Upcoming events I would like to cover include the Colorado Book Festival (March 3), Starfest Denver (April 20-22), Denver Comic Con 2018 (June 15-17), and the Ghost Town Writers Retreat (July 26-29).#

Q: Tell us about the new book you have out?

A: It’s called Return of the Wulfhedinn. It’s book two of a historical dark fantasy series that takes place in Dark Ages Germany. The protagonist, Gerwulf, is a Christian warrior who’s been banished like an animal to the wilds because he it is believed he’s possessed by a ferocious wolf demon (the Wulfhedinn). Book two continues his journey to reclaim his humanity and his place in the world.

Book one, Feast of the Raven, won a first place CIPA EVVY book award, and I’m excited with the positive reviews I’ve gotten from Kirkus Reviews and BlueInk review for book two.#

Q: You’ve been on a whirlwind tour of appearances and signings in 2017. Tell us about the fun parts?

A: I’ve recently started speaking, which has been very stressful for me as an introverted writer. I can write the presentation, but delivering it without having a panic attack is another matter altogether.

I have a background as an ER trauma nurse, and my first presentation “The Nuts and Bolts of Blood and Guts” went over well at last year’s Ghost Town Writers Retreat. What a relief, and we had a blast sharing our most grisly scenes and with Q&A. 

I also recently spoke at Metro State College, Denver, about “How a High School Dropout Became an Award-Winning Author”. I left thinking it was a complete bust. I felt old and out of touch with today’s college students, but I was delightfully surprised by the numerous positive comments I got later. They used words like inspiring, insightful, and honest. I was so touched—and surprised!   

Q: What’s coming from Catherine in 2018?

A: I will be publishing book 3 in the Wulfhedinn series, and looking forward to a trip to the UK to research and get inspired for more historical dark fantasy stories. 

Q: Tell us something no one knows about Catherine?

A: Most people in the writing and publishing community don’t know that I play men’s ice hockey.

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