Raven House Interview: Tammi Labrecque–YourBestLaunch

Tammi Labrecque is an experienced educator specializing in self-publication and self-promotion. Her YourBestLaunch seminars are justly famous for bringing insight to a field mired in half-truths. Not to be missed.

Tammi sat down for a quick 3Q Interview with HWAColorado.

Q: Gary Jonas is a huge fan. How did you meet?

Gary and I met when I was hired to help facilitate an educational/apprenticeship program he’d joined in the self-publishing space. I discovered that the smaller groups and one-on-one calls were the things I loved best about that program, and I want to be able to do that at a lower price point for people at the beginning of their self-publishing journey, so I’m striking out on my own with a series of low-priced classes for new indie authors.

Q What’s the best thing about Your Best Launch?

The best thing, once you get past the basics for those who aren’t yet well-versed in them, will be the one-on-one calls. Everyone will finish the course with a tailored launch plan, created in private calls with me, that fits their books, their goals, and their budget.

Q Tell us one thing we didn’t know about self-publishing.

You can do very well with a small but smart initial investment in launch and advertising. You do NOT have to have big pockets to make a decent return on your initial outlay, and it builds from there.

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